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Welcome to Avalon Nail Lounge

Avalon Nail Lounge is one of the best beauty salons – would bring you the most memorable and wonderful time when using our services! Airy, clean space, elegant architecture & harmonious interior decorations, modern tools & equipment that would be what you find in the salon.

Avalon Nail Lounge guarantees to provide the top-high quality services which are implemented by professional and talented technicians. Any nail model you like, our staff definitely helps you to design well. Your nails will be protected from discoloration and breakage with qualified products, your skin becomes healthy and smooth due to natural materials.

In addition, all of the modern tools & equipment bring you the best services with high quality. They would be sterilized after every use to ensure sanitation because your safety is one of our top priorities.

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10% OFF for group ( 6 people & more) of the bridal shower, birthday celebration, bachelorette/bachelor party, corporate event, or just a get-together for friends, family, and co-workers.

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Avalon Nail Lounge

A dedicated nail salon in Katy, Texas, that provides exceptional services to our clients.


The #1 family-owned provider for salon services, we place our clientele first.


With over 20 years of experience in providing nail and waxing services, we offer only our best performance.


A highly professional and inclusive space, every visit is sure to be an experience.


Commitment to star performance ensures that our clients receive top quality services.


Proper sanitation of multi-use tools and equipment are used to protect customers' health